Elevator Movie

2004 comedy

Rating: 10/20

Plot: A college guy and a woman find themselves trapped on an elevator for months. As the woman's grocery bag of food is mysteriously filled every night, the pair pass the time by talking.

This draws comparisons to Eraserhead and Bunuel, but I don't see it. It's too wacky. Severely limited by its budget, the inexperience of writer/director/star Zeb Haradon, and bad acting, this really doesn't work except for a few humorous lines, some strange moments, and a cool ending. It definitely has a student film feel, and that's not necessarily always a bad thing because it helps contribute to this almost alien vibe. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody, but I did enjoy that memorable, disturbing ending, a reference to Venus Flytraps, and some fun cheap special effects.

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