Fassbinder Film Fest: The Merchant of Four Seasons

1972 drama

Rating: 16/20

Plot: The uplifting story of a fruit vendor and his family. Hans, played by a guy named Hans, is a disappointment to most of his family, and partly because of that, he drinks a little too much. One night, he abuses his wife in front of their daughter. She leaves. He has a heart attack. And then some other things happen.

I always intend to watch more from Rainer Werner Fassbinder's daunting filmography. I liked Ali: Fear Eats the Soul and Fox and His Friends. It's been three years since I saw Fox though! Despite what I said in the well-written plot synopsis above, Fassbinder's movies really aren't uplifting, and the experience can be a little draining. It's difficult to describe the appeal of these three movies, but I think what I really like most about them is how honest they are. With Fassbinder's dramas, you just don't feel cheated or manipulated at all.

Another thing I really like about this movie--the colors. I guess the best word to describe them would be garish, but that just might be the early-1970s bleeding through the screen. This movie is an intense look at depression and alcoholism and defeatism, but it's also a study in wallpaper.

You know what? I'm impulsive and maybe a little drunk. Let's do a Fassbinder Film Fest! I'll let you know at the top of my blog which Fassbinder movies I'll be watching in the next several weeks.

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