Don't Think Twice

2016 comedy

Rating: 12/20 (Jen: 13/20)

Plot: An improv comedy group tries to stay together when one member finds sudden mainstream success.

My expectations were high because I really enjoy Mike Birbiglia's stand-up and his autobiographical directorial debut, Sleepwalk with Me. Some of it was charming, and a lot of the characters were likable enough, but I just could never fully commit to the characters. Part of the problem is that I didn't think they were very funny. Lots of movie showcases their skills as improv comics, but I didn't think any of it was as funny as they seemed to think it was. I'm not sure how much of that was actually improvised. I suspect that it actually was, at least partially.

Keegan-Michael Key is the character I'm supposed to find funniest, but his character's material didn't work for me either. Of course, he goes on to write and perform in a show that is very obviously supposed to be Saturday Night Live, and I've never thought that show was funny either, even during its supposed heydays. I did like Gillian Jacobs, mostly because I thought she was good looking though. Birbiglia might be better as an actor than he was five years ago or whenever Sleepwalk with Me came out. And I'm really intrigued by an actress named Kate Micucci, cute as a fucking button. Watching this, I was distracted by daydreams of playing Slap Jack with her.

It's a movie that I'm only going to remember in a few months because of how predictable the whole story was.

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