2015 dark comedy

Rating: 12/20

Plot: A pair of couples find their friendships challenged when secrets come out and one of them starts getting body parts sent to him in the mail.

This is close to being a pretty good movie, but there's something that annoyed me about Omur Tukel, the guy who wrote, directed, and starred in this. A lot of it is that he sounds a little too much like Quentin Tarantino, especially when he says OK. There are also far too many scenes where you have to watch the guy eat noodles.

The conflicts and the dynamics between the characters are interesting. The story falls apart and kind of stops making sense at all about about the 2/3 point. That or I was too stupid to figure out how it all made sense.

I have no clue why this movie is called Applesauce.

I might see other Omul Tukel movies, but if his character reaches for noodles, I'm shutting things down. Be warned, Tukel.

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