2016 comedy reboot

Rating: 9/20 (Buster: 0/20)

Plot: Four women team up to bust ghosts.

The only reason I was curious about this one was because I figured a lot of the hate was based on the misogyny of basemented geeks who don't like having their childhoods crushed by reboots. Sadly, the hate is probably deserved because this movie is terrible. It's got ugly special effects, a dull story, and not a single laugh. Nods to the original are obnoxious, and the four leads aren't really very good. There were so many shots of Kate McKinnon making the same weird face, and Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy spent the entire movie screaming at me. I did, however, enjoy Kristen Wiig's bangs. So that's something. I'm not sure what a feminist who stumbled across this blog would have to say about me now, but I don't care. I know what I like.

Pringles product placement was about as tacky as product placement can be.

Buster didn't like this despite her name making up part of this movie.

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