Silent Saturday: The Oyster Princess

1919 comedy

Rating: 15/20

Plot: A rich gal, the daughter of the Oyster King, wants to marry a prince after a nemesis gets herself hitched. She finds one although he might not be the real deal.

I had originally intended to watch another early Ernst Lubitsch romantic comedy called The Doll but accidentally watched this instead. The Doll will have to be saved for another Silent Saturday. This was fluffy and charming although with characters who are not nearly as likable as you'd expect characters from 1919 to be. Of course, one source online claims it's a satire dealing with American consumerism, but I'm not sure the hyperbole of the rich Quaker sequences were there for any other reason but for humor. Absurd hordes of servants, ceilings that go way up, etc.

My favorite bit showed off the dance moves of a conductor during a "Foxtrot epidemic."

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