Silent Saturday: It's the Old Army Game

1926 comedy

Rating: 13/20

Plot: Not much of one really. A druggist has some episodes that almost resemble adventures.

I was thinking about W.C. Fields and figured I'd give one of his silent comedies a chance. This also gave me a chance to look at Louise Brooks on the screen for a while, and I'd almost never object to that. Like the W.C. Fields vehicles I've seen where he talks, this is rambling and episodic and any sort of plot is there just to create a reason for some gags. Unlike those other Fields movies, this wasn't really funny at all. There was an amusing bit of child abuse with a baby during a really really lengthy sequence where Fields' character is trying to sleep. And I enjoyed a scene where characters have a picnic on somebody else's property. The funniest thing might be the name of Fields' character--Elmer Prettywillie.

Speaking of pretty willies, I forgot to look up Dan Aykroyd's penis nose from Nothing But Trouble. I'm using a work Chromebook and really hope that nobody starts wondering why I'm Googling "Aykroyd penis nose," but it's worth it to confirm that what I thought I saw is what I saw.

That has nothing to do with W.C. Fields, and I apologize to him and any of his descendants looking for a comprehensive review of one of his silent comedies. And I apologize to anybody who didn't want to see an Aykroyd penis nose. And I apologize to everybody who took this blog and its blogger seriously who is now disappointed with this obvious attempt to get a little traffic from people Googling "Aykroyd penis nose."

Here's a picture of Louise Brooks to help wash your brain of the penis nose. I'm not totally sold on this hair style, but there's something about Brooks that is just radiant.

 Louise Brooks, having a laugh after seeing her first Aykroyd penis nose

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