Osmosis Jones

2001 animated/live-action hybrid

Rating: 12/20

Plot: The title white blood cell tries to keep Bill Murray's character from dying in front of his daughter.

Why did I think this movie came out about ten years earlier than it actually did?

Hold on because this is going to be another completely useless blog post. I don't even really know why I'm bothering anymore.

I watched this at school. It was the first movie in a really long time that I'd seen at school. Administrators sort of put a stop to that practice since it's breaking copyright laws and all, but the science teacher on my team wanted our students to see this, probably because it's so biologically accurate. It's probably not, but it is frequently clever, and I really liked how the animation looked. Maybe it's just because Samurai Jack is on my mind with new episodes arriving in a couple weeks or so, but a lot of the look of the settings and characters in this reminded me of that Samurai Jack world.

Of course, the movie also has more than its fair share of bad puns and juvenile gags, and the story isn't really all that engaging. And Bill Murray's performance is really pretty terrible. I started to lose interest in the whole thing around the halfway point after some of the novelty wore off. And it got a little loud.

I seriously thought this came out right after I graduated from high school. 2001? Really?

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