2011 comedic drama

Rating: 13/20

Plot: A pair of parents meet after one son hits the other son in the face with a stick. The meeting doesn't go very well.

I like that poster. If the entire movie was colored like that, I would have rated this higher. Carnage is a real-time dialogue-driven piece that looks like it belongs on a stage. In my head, I renamed the whole thing Who's Afraid of Jodie Foster? It was all pretty stagey, and the characters acted just like characters in a play would act. Or in Jodie Foster's case, overact. Boy, she sure can make the veins stand out on her neck. I used to think that John C. Reilly was a good actor, but his questionable role-taking decisions and some stinkers during which he just kind of acts like John C. Reilly does in all his movies have made me wonder. Cristoph Waltz and the fetching Kate Winslet are fine, but their characters are awfully inconsistent. The message at the heart of this movie is so obvious and a little juvenile that I lost interest less than halfway through. The long joke of a movie has a punchline, but it's not one I'll ever think of again, like that joke about the guy parachuting for the first time with an end that I can't remember. I suppose this is a comedy--a grayish one--but I was more upset than tickled by everything that was going on.

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