Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

2012 romantic disaster comedy

Rating: 14/20 (Jen: 14/20)

Plot: They've tried everything, but a meteor is going to collide with earth and kill everybody. A lonely divorced insurance salesman befriends a neighbor and promises to get her to her parents in England. They travel to visit his high school sweetheart. Along the way, they find a dog.

Jen claimed repeatedly that she had already seen this movie. In a way, it does feel really familiar although I can't really think of a movie that is like it. It's an interesting premise that I'm sure has been done before, maybe even better, but I wish writer/director Lorene Scafaria would have done a little more with it. This drifts along, meanders, and takes a few turns off roads that it didn't need to be on in the first place. I liked Steve Carell fine regardless of how mopey he was, and I also think Keira Knightley is as cute as a button. You know, because objectifying women is something I like to do here at shane-movies. What I'm not sure is if I liked the chemistry between Carell and Knightley here. There's cuteness here, a touching little love story, and a few good songs, but this isn't really anything I'd care to see a second time. I did like the ending quite a bit.

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cory said...

I still don't understand how his dad could fly her to England in a prop plane, but found the rest of the movie to be sweet, charming, and a unexpected surprise. I especially loved the beautiful, gentle ending. A 16.