Pulp Fiction Redux

1994 masterpiece

Rating: 20/20 (Dylan: 15/20)

Plot: See here for a comprehensive plot synopsis.

Part two of my son's Quentin Tarantino education. Here's all he had to say about this one: "There was only one character I liked." That was, maybe predictably since my son is a black teenager who really enjoyed those Star Wars prequels, Samuel L. Jackson. Speaking of Samuel L., I was playing that board game Apples to Apples last night at my dad's house. The green clue card was "Cool" and "Cold-blooded" was one of the other words on the card. I confidently threw my Samuel L. Jackson card. How the hell does that not win? Anyway, my son, like has been with every other movie with the exception of Raiders of the Lost Ark, is wrong. I don't think there's a character in this movie who isn't great, and I would also say that about the actors and actresses who play them. This is a movie that has a unique energy, and yes, I'm using the word unique correctly here. There isn't another movie with the wall-to-wall energy that Pulp Fiction has, and the movie has this weird power to make other movies worse. You watch another movie, think to yourself "This isn't Pulp Fiction," and not like the movie as much. Other movies just have no chance, probably because they have any of the following:

--Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing. My God, I absolutely love how Uma Thurman moves, both in this and obviously the Kill Bills. I don't know if it's how Tarantino dressed her or films her or just the way she's shaped, but watching her move in Jack Rabbit Slim's just makes my penis giggle.

--The rapport between Travolta and Jackson. Who would have guessed that in 1993?

--Christopher Walken's ass watch story. That's just one of those things that exists only to make the world a slightly better place.

--John Goodman's voice? I swear that's him as the boxing announcer.

--Baggies and twistiks.

--"I said God-damn!" I'm going to devote 2013 to saying that just like Uma for regular everyday thing. Picture me taking a bite of a burrito, lifting my head, and exclaiming, "I said God-damn!" It's happening.

--"I don't think Buddy Holly's much of a waiter." This probably won't go down as one of Buscemi's best roles, but shouldn't it?

--The Wolf's notes: "One body no head" cracks me up. And his line, "Well, let's not start sucking each other's dick quite yet." Ah, I love Harvey Keitel.

--Bruce Willis going ballistic in the hotel room. If you'll allow me to call that a fight scene, Bruce Willis vs. hotel room might be one of my favorites.

--The Honey Bunny/"Execute every last one of you" juxtaposition, goose-pimply funny. Upon repeat viewings, you watch and wait for that moment, and then it happens and is magical.

--"Mmmm, that's a tasty burger." The entire scene in the apartment is electric. Just so so good!

--Pop Tarts, Butch? You're risking it all for Pop Tarts?

--Speaking of breakfast--Fruit Brute cereal. I think I just assumed it was Tarantino-invented. Now, however, I've been tricked into thinking I remember it from my childhood. It's definitely within my window of childhood.

--Lava product placement. Whoever makes that product has a perfect "bloody towels" commercial here.

--Jack Rabbit Slim's little fella.

--"Miserlou" to "Jungle Boogie". Who changes the channel on the radio dial during the opening credits?

--Ving Rhames. "No, man. I'm pretty fucking far from OK" and that bandaid on his neck.

--Divine intervention. Travolta and Jackson's faces after that guy comes in with a hand cannon. Hand cannon!

--That tracking shot following Willis to his apartment to fetch his watch. And while I'm thinking  of Bruce, I also like his face as he looks upon Vincent.

--The way Esmeralda says "Butch" and maybe actually everything she says. Angela Jones should be a movie star!

--Vincent's confusion when using the intercom.

--Finally, "My name's Paul and this shit's between y'all." It just occurred to me that I have a name that rhymes with a lot of things. "My name's Shane and my interest in this shit's started to wane." I don't know. Surely I can come up with something better than that.

I can't wait to see Django Unchained. I might have to hit the theater.

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