Brave (again)

2012 Pixar movie

Rating: 14/20 (Dallas: 5/20; Rodrigo: 16/20; Osni: 16/20; Dutch: 12/20; Austin: 15/20; Lance: 20/20; Breanna: 20/20; Drake: 1/20; Ig'Enid: 17/20; Jonathon: 20/20; Kimberly: 17/20; Mary: 19/20; Jaidah: 13/20; Adrian: 15/20; Kuenton: 9/20; Justin: 16/20; Cierra: 20/20; Matthew: 10/20; Daniel: 19/20; Sarah: 7/20; Jakobe: 9/20; Rodolfo: 16/20; Bobby: 4/20; other Daniel: 15/20; Franklin: 3/20; Wesley: 12/20)

Plot: I already wrote about this one. It's about Carrot Top turning his mother into a bear.

The students in our school were rewarded with a movie right for reasons you don't care to read about, so I watched this again. I was pretty bored this second time, and that is not typical with Pixar offerings. I really don't have anything else to write about this movie except I do know where the Pizza Planet truck is now. (Hint: It's made out of wood.) I still didn't hear Ratzenberger. The biggest laugh from my 8th graders was during the scenes that featured naked buttocks. 8th graders love the buttocks.

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