Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence

2007 PBS documentary

Rating: 14/20

Plot: Ferret owners talk about their pets as they prepare for the annual Buckeye Bash, a sort of perverse ferret beauty contest.

My brother recommended this. I might have the title all turned around. This appears to be a television program called The Pursuit of Excellence and this is an episode about ferrets. I just like how Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence sounds though, so I'm sticking with that. Mark compared it to the work of Christopher Guest which is pretty accurate. These ferret owners are almost too strange to be real, but I'm only a little bit ashamed to admit that I felt that I was laughing at them instead of with them the entire time. When they say things like "Ferrets are my reason for being," sing seemingly endless songs about the animals while wearing tie-dyed shirts, discuss "Rainbow Bridge" which is apparently some kind of ferret heaven, dress up their miserable-looking animals, and or make claims that ferrets are somehow special because "if they die, they accept it," it's kind of hard not to want to poke fun. Cuteness abounds, but this is definitely more about the owners of these pets than the pets themselves. If you're looking for a little "Which ferret is going to win" type suspense or a feel-good story about an underdog ferret winning at the Buckeye Bash, you'll be disappointed. You just won't care very much at all. And it's a little anticlimactic when there are 327 ferrets at the competition and 400 ribbons are given out. Still, this is an entertaining little documentary, one that probably would appeal to fans of Guest's mockumentaries.

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