2006 comedy

Rating: 10/20

Plot: An art student breaks up with his girlfriend, and combats insomnia by getting a part-time job at a supermarket. Later, he discovers that he has the ability to freeze time.

This movie's so boring that I actually started wondering in the early parts if the whole thing was an attempt by the director to help the viewer feel the protagonist's insomnia or something. It's slow going throughout, and my dislike of the main character probably didn't help. Neither did his constant narration. There were occasional humorous diversions, the best being the appearance of a sausage customer and the antics of two employees who passed their time doing anything they could that didn't involve work. It's cheap gags and a fair share of nudity under a cover of artsy-fartsiness, but naked old man drawing model flatulence poked holes through that sheet right from the get-go. This movie fails dramatically, comedically, and romantically, and all the points I'm giving this are for boobs.

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Anonymous said...

i would have been fooled into watching it based on that cover art