Buskers: For Love or Money

2008 documentary

Rating: 14/20

Plot: A look at the lives and art of the titular street performers.

This is directed by Mad Chat Taylor who juggles chainsaws at Venice Beach. It's an interesting subject matter, but it's not a terrible interesting movie, especially for one about people who make their living playing with fire, balancing on things in slightly-dangerous ways, juggling, unicycling, escaping from things, and breakdancing. I do like the idea that "all great artists have had a deficiency of some kind," and it was fun seeing some old archival footage of some of the performers in this thing. Most of the performance footage, however, felt a little flat, almost like you actually have to be there experiencing it in the flesh 'n' blood for it to be any fun. I guess that's why people don't watch circuses on televisions. This will probably be satisfying for anybody with an interest in the topic.

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