2015 superhero movie

Rating: 14/20

Plot: A burglar is recruited by Michael Douglas to mess up some bald guy's science project.

Ehh, this is fine, but it's got the exact same beat as all the rest of the Marvel superhero movies. I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it. This is likely the silliest of all the Marvel movies although when you think about it, movies about a guy who gets large and green when he's irritated and a Norse god who hits bad guys with a giant hammer are pretty silly, too.

I'm not sure I understand the science behind this movie. Am I supposed to?

Paul Rudd brought his usual charm, Evangeline Lilly brought a new hair cut, and Douglas brought this voice that reminded me of somebody else's voice. Thomas the Tank Engine makes a goofy appearance in a scene that I'm sure the producers of this thought was cleverer than it actually was, and there's also a Baskin Robbins commercial in there somewhere. Because when I think about eating ice cream, I want to imagine a bunch of ants.

It's a fun little popcorn movie, up there with the best of these Marvel movies that are all pretty much the same. I'll watch the sequel, mostly because Evangeline Lilly will likely be in some sort of superheroine costume.

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