I Can See You

2008 psychological horror film

Rating: 9/20

Plot: Millennials go camping in an effort to get pictures of trees for a marketing campaign, but things don't go very well.

Though this climaxes in a sense-altering freak-out montage that is almost great, its pretensions overwhelm. That surreal, hallucinatory, freaky-deaky imagery at the end--pretty much the last wild 15 minutes or so--is something else, and I want to credit director Graham Reznick for taking some chances, but this narrative driven by a character's fractured state of mind just doesn't have enough substance to make it resonate. Reznick's tricks aren't anything new, and he's not quite the filmmaker yet to get away with them. This comes across like a cheap imitation of Lynch fartsiness.

This movie has my vote for the least erotic sex scene ever filmed.

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