2015 comedy

Rating: 10/20

Plot: A whore with a drinking problem--the contemporary woman, or at least that's what the media seems to want me to believe--interviews a sports doctor and falls for him despite fear of commitment.

I liked this movie a lot better the first time I saw it when it was called. . .ok, I don't know how to finish that. I do know that I've seen tale told before, only with less cursing and sexual humor. I don't like Amy Schumer, and I don't like her for the exact reasons that other people like her. I kind of wish she'd go away. She's not a good actress. Not that you really need to be a good actress to carry a comedy like this, of course, but it wouldn't hurt. Schumer and Bill Hader have absolutely no chemistry at all, probably a fatal flaw in any romantic comedy. At least you get to see her in underpants quite a bit. I'm pretty sure the character is written to be unlikable, but sticking with a two-hour comedy with a character who is unlikable is a lot to ask of a guy.

I'll tell you where Schumer was smart though. Both the underpants and throwing in Lebron James and other athletes was a good idea, a way to attract males to a movie they'd otherwise have no interest in. James isn't terrible, at least no worse than the star, and if there's any funny lines at all, he's probably the one who delivers them. Unfortunately, I can't recall laughing a single time. The movie tries hard, throwing random bits of silliness in an effort to cover up the lack of plot with the sound of your laughter, but nothing really connects.

This movie cost me money, and I hold grudges.

Here's a picture of Sarah Silverman:

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