2015 comedy reboot

Rating: 6/20 (Jen: Luckily, she fell asleep after about five minutes of this movie.)

Plot: Rusty takes his family to Wally World.

If my blog accomplishes nothing else at all in the however-many-years I've done this, I hope it prevents some people from having to endure the painful experience of seeing this movie. I generally write about movies in the order that I see them, but I felt the need to make an exception with this one as a public service.

Please do not watch this movie.

When the appearance of a man who looks a little like Chevy Chase but is actually probably a man who devoured Chevy Chase is something that dramatically improves the experience, you know you're watching a terrible movie. I like Ed Helms just fine, but the guy needs to find something better to do with his time. He seems completely lost here, and so does the movie, a meandering mess in search of something--anything--that's a little funny. It opened well enough with credits that presented a funny take on the awkward family photos website, but it was all downhill--and I'm talking a steep decline--from there. Cursing, penis references, and potty humor, like the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of a 5th grade boy who gets to watch South Park when he stays all night at his buddy's house, are thrown at you, the writers just hoping that something--anything--will stick. There's a scene where the characters are swimming in sewage, and from the 25 minute mark or thereabouts on, I felt like I was doing the same.

I might have laughed at the car though.

Trust me--this movie is a travesty, and every single person involved should be ashamed of themselves.

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