Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

2015 action sequel

Rating: 14/20 (Dylan: 8/20)

Plot: Ethan Hunt, part of the disgraced and currently defunct IMF, tries to singlehandedly take down a terrorist organization known as the Syndicate.

You already saw the two best stunts in the previews of this, and the amazing, vertigo-inducing airplane sequence on the poster up there takes place during the film's first five minutes, actually before the credits. There's a tense underwater moment and a fantastic chase scene with motorcycles, but this doesn't build to any big action sequence like the last Mission Impossible movie did. It's a fast-paced action movie, and Cruise and his friends are still likable enough. Newcomer to the franchise Ilsa Faust (played by Rebecca Ferguson) has fantastic legs. Our bad guys aren't all that interesting, but this does feel like a chess game at times, and that might be where this franchise is at its best.


cory said...

I think this is much better than your take. It had everything I could ask for in an MI or Bond film. The movie was well paced with several great action sequences. There was a lot of humor, largely thanks to Pegg's Benji character. It was unpredictable, with Cruise's character genuinely at risk throughout the movie. And what I liked best was the philosophical issue of whether they are actually fighting for the good guys. I keep wanting Scientology-boy to fail, but he still has an amazing ability to pick great material and pull off being maybe today's biggest movie star. This is easily the best of this series, and has few equals in Bond. A 17.

Shane said...

15/20 maybe...I liked it, but I liked the fourth one better and the third one about the same as this one. Cruise's career survival of that period where he lost his mind fascinates me. He isn't getting younger though. Watching these MI movies so close together like I did, you really watch the guy age. Maybe he'll be a Harrison Ford type and continue the stunts into his 90s.