Time Travel Movie Fest: Predestination

2014 time travel movie

Rating: 15/20

Plot: A time traveling agent hunts for a terrorist.

I'm not going to write much about this one because it would likely spoil things. Plus, I'm lazy. You should probably just trust me that it's worth a watch and ignore the rest of this.

If you're into time-travel movies at all, this fun little puzzle of a movie is worth watching. It's well-acted and full of intrigue. Combining noir and science fiction elements, this kind of has a similar tone to something like Alphaville. The narrative is fractured, but the storytelling's coherent, at least until a few big ol' what-the-fucks settle in. Ethan Hawke makes up for Boyhood with his work here, but it's really Sarah Snook who impresses. She distracts by resembling Leonardo DiCaprio but gives this almost terrifying good, captivating performance.

You might see the twists and turns coming. I did, and I'm not very good at spotting things like that at all. Regardless, it doesn't make this movie any less enjoyable. I mean, you get to see what the puzzle looks like because the damn thing is on the front of the box, and puzzles are still a lot of fun. Oh, they're not? Forget that comparison then.

See this movie because it's better than a puzzle.

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