Bad Movie Club: Black Roses

1988 heavy metal horror movie

Bad Movie Rating: 4/5 (Josh: 4/5)

Rating: 5/20

Plot: Satan uses a rock band to lure teenagers to evil.

After a hiatus of a few months, it's the triumphant return of Bad Movie Club! That is, if you can count two guys watching a movie together as a "triumphant return" of a club. Here we are enjoying the movie:

This was actually Josh's joke, but I'm going to go ahead and take credit for it and call it my own.

This is an enjoyable movie, mostly because of the very special visual and sound effects. The masks pictured above are actually a little better than some of the effects. The demons monsters are weird looking, the rock songs are awful, and the action scenes are really silly. Josh and I, both teachers, appreciated that a teacher was the big action hero of the movie, and like either of us, he made a pretty dopey hero. Of course, I have a blog award for that sort of thing, but it's already been won by a person who will likely end up having the award named after him.

Question, one of many since the internal logic of this movie doesn't make a great deal of sense: How does anybody think this rock band playing several consecutive nights in what appears to be a very small town make sense to anybody?

If you have any interest in a rock 'n' roll themed bad horror night, this would be just fine with Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare. Actually, I just looked it up. Director John Fasano actually directed Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare. I guess that's why it makes sense. He's now officially the greatest rock 'n' roll bad horror movie director of all time. I'll give him this--his monster designs, if not realistic, certainly are creative.

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