Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

2016 dramedy

Rating: 12/20

Plot: A New York reporter spinning her wheels decides a change of scenery is needed and heads to Afghanistan to cover the war despite not having any experience.

I was a little surprised that this ended up being such a superficial look at both the character and some of the issues it scrapes against. As a biopic, there's nothing profound. Tina Fey kind of plays the only character not named Sarah Palin that she is capable of playing, and there's really no depth to that character. Fey is fine, but the character herself feels like somebody just going through the motions. When the screenplay does have chances to say things about America's various wars in the Middle East, life for people in war-torn nations, the role of females in media, or anything else, it just doesn't do it with any authority. A recurring street kid character seems to be there only because the movie wants to wink at us and say, "See? This isn't all comedy! We've got a little heart with our humor, too!"

Is it my imagination, or have there been a whole lot of comedies that take place in the Middle East lately? Keep throwing that dart, Hollywood, because eventually it's going to hit.

I'm glad to see that Martin Freeman has gone through a growth spurt.

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