2014 action movie

Rating: 10/20

Plot: A bunch of people try to kill Salma Hayek.

The wardrobe changes are my favorite part of this. Hayek starts the film completely naked, shot overhead as she enters a bathroom. Then, she's scantily clad. Then, she's briefly in an evening gown or something before putting on the yoga pants. Regardless of what she's wearing, she is, at fifty or whatever she is, very easy on the eyes. I'm not sure her acting is any good here, but I suppose she's believable enough as a woman capable of killing a bunch of guys which is all that matters.

This movie certainly isn't subtle. If you're looking for nonstop violence, this delivers with the exception of a few times when it tries to throw in Hayek's mother and her daughter which only serves to slow things down unnecessarily. The pace is frenetic, but I wish the whole thing was a little goofier. None of the characters who come in to kill Salma Hayek have any personality until a guy called The Sadist near the end who has a ludicrous amount. Things get silly then, and if the tone would have been a little sillier earlier, this might have worked better.

My favorite scene involves a mirror.

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