Sausage Party

2016 cartoon

Rating: 8/20 (Buster: 15/20)

Plot: Supermarket food ponders existence.

Just kidding. Buster didn't watch this with me.

I think what I just did there--giving Buster a rating and pretending that she watched Sausage Party with me--is funnier than anything in the movie actually. And I don't even think that's all that funny. But I didn't laugh a single time while watching this. I didn't crack a smile either. In fact, I didn't enjoy myself at all. I gave the movie an 8/20 for at least trying to make a point and showing cartoon food having sexual intercourse, but this was really a painful experience for me. I'd almost rather watch Food Fight! again.

It's probably time to just give up on the people involved with this. Seth Rogan, I might have to just be done with you. Jonah Hill, you too. I'm only about ten years older than this generation of people who are supposed to be funny, but the age gap feels much greater. Of course, when Adam Sandler and all those people were at the top of everybody's "Funniest People" list, I didn't really get them either. Maybe I'm just old and grouchy.

Anyway, I want to make it clear that I didn't like this movie at all.

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