The Purge

2013 thriller

Rating: 8/20

Plot: In a mild dystopia, Americans are given one 12-hour period to let out all of their frustrations as laws are suspended for a 12-hour period. One family tries to survive the night inside their home.

Well, here's nothing but a wasted opportunity. I had an interest in this franchise after seeing previews for the newest one, figuring that there was room for some political or philosophical statements. What does The Purge have to say about America, our violent past and more-than-likely-violent future, the human soul? It turns out that it has nothing at all to say. And that's unfortunate.

The best part of the movie turned out to be a security camera violence montage at the very beginning. From there, it devolved into a family drama and then a violent thriller. And a cliched one at that. The first time a main character is about to be axed or stabbed or shot only to have another off-screen character shoot the person trying to ax, stab, or shoot him or her made me roll my eyes. My eyes really got their exercise when that happened three times though.

There's something about Ethan Hawke that annoys me. I could ignore him though because of the performance of some kid named Rhys Wakefield who played the leader of the bad guys trying to get into the family's house. This kid was so sure of himself that it was laughable.

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