Lights Out

2016 horror movie

Rating: 12/20 (Emma: 11/20; Abbey: 10/20)

Plot: Rebecca and Martin's mother's imaginary friend comes for a visit.

With an interesting gimmick that I'm surprised hasn't been used before, this movie works in chunks. Viscerally, it's a good old-fashioned horror flick that will have you jumping a couple times. The "light" gimmick lends opportunity for some horrifying sequences. Unfortunately, there's a story you have to pay attention to, and there was nothing about the story's structure or the characters that really made me want to figure out anything that was going on. I'm not real sure the story even makes much sense at all.

This isn't something I'd tell horror movie fans to stay far away from, but it's nothing that I'd go out of my way to recommend either. I probably won't even remember watching it in a year or so.

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