Bad Movie Club: The Borrower

1991 alien movie

Bad Movie Rating: 2/5 (Josh: 3/5; Tami: It was unclear whether or not she was really there or not.)

Rating: 10/20

Plot: Like Lilo (or Stich...whichever one is the alien in that movie), a punished alien winds up on earth. In order to survive, it has to keep borrowing the bodies of humans. He makes lots of friends.

I didn't think this movie was all that bad. Directed by John McNaughton of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer fame, it's reminiscent in tone and low-budget gross-out style of 85's Re-Animator, and that, in my opinion, isn't a bad thing. McNaughton's dark humor is sometimes forced, but a lot of times, it works really well. I enjoyed watching the alien try to adapt to its new body's personality each time, and the cheapo effects were also funny.

The best scene involves a dog.

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