The Road

2009 apocalyptic drama

Rating: 12/20

Plot: Follows the struggles of a single-parent dad trying to stay out of the teeth of cannibals.

This is so Cormac McCarthy, that it's almost seems like a parody. Despite some artificial attempts to get me interested in the characters and their bleak situation, I never really cared about anything that was going on and don't really even remember much of this movie. Of course, I am about seven months behind on my blog writing, so that might have something to do with it. My favorite thing about this was probably the imagery and its relentlessly bleak tone. The hopelessness of this world that director John Hillcoat creates here is suffocating. The score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis contributes to that mood admirably. Despite the success with creating that mood, I didn't really ever understand why I was being made to feel that way. It's probably not the movie's fault that I didn't get the point, but I really didn't get the point. I don't need to get points if the movie delivers in all its other aspects, but this story just never grabbed me.

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