The Boxer's Omen

1983 trippy kung-fu film

Rating: 14/20

Plot: A guy avenges the death of his brother and finds himself in an Alejandro Jodorowsky movie.

Seriously, it's like a scientist decided to see what sort of chemical reaction would occur when a Shaw Brothers kung-fu flick and The Holy Mountain were put together. The Shaw Bros. had their share of offbeat entries, but there's probably nothing else like this in their oeuvre. The colors are almost disturbing, and with demons, reanimated nude women corpses emerging from crocodile (alligator?) carcasses, bat and spider puppets, disembodied wizard heads with strangling entrails, eye poison injection, eel regurgitation, attack alligator (crocodile?) skulls, and mystical tattoos, there's always plenty to see. It's kung-fu on psychedelics, and if that particular combination of words makes the tip of your penis tingle, you're really going to dig this. Check it:

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