Cemetery Man

1994 horror comedy

Rating: 15/20

Plot: The titular protagonist has a job of making sure inhabitants at a cemetery stay dead. Meanwhile, he searches for love in all the wrong place.

It's a little like a Tim Burton movie without all the polish. And maybe with some help during the creation process from some hallucinogenics. The movie starts very subdued. Well, at least as subdued as a movie that starts with a zombie getting blasted in the head can be. But as it progresses, it just gets stranger and stranger until a point when the cemetery sex scenes, the shambling zombies, and a blossoming romance between a the main character's mute sidekick and a woman's severed head just start to feel normal. Director Michele Soavi sucks you into this world, and as weird as things get, it never becomes anything you can't accept.

I'm not going to pretend I know what it's about. I think it has something to say about sex and death, like most good horror movies.

There are some really ingenious camera tricks. Great cinematography and an artsy tone make this unique, like an arthouse Evil Dead at times. It's a zombie movie for surrealists and recommended if that sounds like your type of thing.

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